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Batista, who has steadily climbed the ranks in the wrestling business since making his Ohio Valley Wrestling debut in 2000, persevered. The painful truth Batista would like to think he made the best out of a bad situation. “I can remember having a conversation with Chris Benoit.

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“I’ve been pretty honest for the most part, which has gotten me in trouble a lot.”Batista has regrets despite his success in the wrestling business. making a living with my body.”But what about the fact that he’s one of the most celebrated performers in the industry today? If I get hurt, I really don’t have anything to fall back on,” he says. He pointed out that I did have one problem.”“Everywhere you go, you’ve got a girl hanging around,” Benoit told him.“It kind of hit me in the face. But everywhere I went I was flirting with a different girl.

He says he’d like to have done things differently.“My wife is just an awesome girl.

She deserved better.”Closer than ever In a totally unexpected way, he says, the book has brought them closer together.“Since we had already talked about it and I had come clean to her, it wasn’t as bad.

Despite the obvious advantage, there weren’t many good jobs in the business for someone starting out in his 30s, with very little training to his credit. School just wasn’t very important to me.”Batista acknowledges that he stayed away from drugs and other addictions for the most part.

The former bouncer discovered that harsh fact early on when he tried out at the WCW Power Plant but was told he would never make it in the wrestling business. His drug of choice was women, and that addiction cost him his marriage, destroying a relationship that had helped him climb from poverty to the pinnacle of sports entertainment.“But I’ve pretty much worked that out of my system,” says the star of Greek and Filipino descent.

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