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Maardam has around 300 000 inhabitants (according to the first novel, The Mind's Eye).

The main character, Van Veeteren, is in his sixties.

Van Veeteren is a fictional retired Detective Chief Inspector and the main character in a series of ten novels by Håkan Nesser, of which nine have been filmed.

[ Allen Carr - Easyway to stop smoking ] Alles außer Sex - Staffel 1 [ Alles außer Sex - Staffel 1 / Sex & More - Season 1 ] Alles ist erleuchtet [ Everything Is Illuminated - Leave normal behind.Van Veeteren is a bit grumpy and cynical, enjoys dark beer and chess. He is divorced, but meets a new woman, Ulrike Fremdli, during the series.Van Veeteren is very intuitive when it comes to reading people.] Almost Heaven Almost Normal [ Almost Normal - There's something queer going on at Lincoln High.] Alone in the Dark [ Alone in the Dark - Evil awakens.

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