Validating web site visual studio

Edit: After the revision above in the previous edit, the number rejected email addresses came down to 2,378 so a 31% reduction – so much for my 10% theory!

That said, many of those single char domain examples look like junk but they do now pass the pattern. Oh – and there are other legit patterns that get rejected even by the revised regex but I’ll touch on those in a follow-up post shortly.

I went back to the Web Deploy Publish Web dialog, changed the values and clicked Validate Connection. The ERROR_COULD_NOT_CONNECT_TO_REMOTESVC error message could indicate that you’ve typed the IIS site name value in incorrectly.

Verify the site name on the target server in IIS Manager and try again.

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That may be too high for some people (but again, I think the reality is much lower), but I thought it was good context for people debating the virtues of less validation and more junk versus the alternative. My Microsoft Visual Studio seemed to be taking far too long to perform even the simplest of operations.I Googled around and tried a few ideas that people had such as disabling add-ins or clearing Visual Studio's recent projects list but those suggestions didn't seem to solve the problem.The Windows Sys Internals website has a number of other useful utilities for network management, security, system information and more. Shannon Horn is the co-founder and chief software architect of Web Geniuses Corporation ( Hence, many times validation was not performed in a uniform manner, complex validation was difficult to implement, and Web servers were vulnerable to validation scripts being modified by malicious users.

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