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Chilled to minus 15c, this chilly cabin has real icicles dangling from the ceiling. Tech Niche Europe Aero Chill Fitness Cooling Vest, cooling Stay fit no matter how high the mercury in one of these evaporative cooling technology vests.

To activate, soak in water for one to two minutes, then drain. Zodiac Aztek Maxiwood Round Wooden Pool 4m, uk If you have the space, a swimming pool is surelythe ultimate way to cool off as well as keep fit.

Chill Area spa day, uk The latest trendy spa treatment?

Relaxing in a snowy paradise — they must have seen the heatwave coming.

At 4m wide, this is a great size for many gardens and can be installed above or below ground.

Whether you’re partial to a quick dunk or long afternoons splashing around, it’s great fun for all the family.

Perfect for younger children or a quick cool-down after a long day at the office, and surprisingly sturdy.

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly, com This wobbly jelly is designed to sit in your freezer until you’re ready to shower, then you scoop out a handful and scrub it all over your body for a burst of icy relief.

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The set is made from gold, silver and diamonds and includessix crystal glasses in a rosewood box.Mini Paddling Pool, uk Looking to chill on a very tight budget?Pop your feet into this £1, 55cm-diameter paddling pool.Pop it in the freezer, then fill with water and it stays cold until the dish has defrosted.Drinking water allows dogs to salivate more, which lets heat evaporate from their tongue.

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