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) but when it comes down to dire straits, I usually drink 3-4 energy drinks in the course of a night. lol name ever for an energy drink, but it's the only one I'll drink. Powerdating Powereating power spawning babies you will have 400 Babies!

It tastes like apple and copious amounts of caffiene, and doesn't have any sort of aftertaste unlike red bull. now in Shocklate, its like adding choclate to an electrical storm! Give your babies shocklate and they will run abnormally fast! The only Liquids that I ever drink are Apple Juice (NOT Apple Cider), Pulp Free Orange Juice, Fat Free Milk, and Tap Water from the sink that has been filtered in a PUR Filter thingy.

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Not only did I think it tasted gross, but it made my heart race and the effects really weren't desirable. But there's this energy drink called relentless that they sell up my local shop that I really don't mind at all. So, be careful about what you put in to your body - make sure you know the possible consequences. i never have caffeen, just because i don't feal like haveing any. I was bounsing all over and my alter ego Tommy (my second personality that's 3) went full force and I got alot of people looking at me, I really liked all the attenchen when I was in that state of mind. Although Bawls was so long ago I forgot what it tastes like, i just remember liking it.

But I'm a bit wary about caffeine now, I gave a Daphnia (water flea) a heart attack with just a few drops of 1% caffeine solution in biology on Friday. the heart was beating really fast but really weak and irregularly... I guess I'm in the minority here, but I've only tried Red Bull, years ago, and it was so nasty I have no desire to try anything else. Redbull gives you headaches, pain and suffering.:wallbash::damnpc: Monster is my fav:smile1: I will never drink Red Bull again. i don't need it to wake up or anything, and i don't want to end up depending on the stuff. Anyways I rarely drink energy drinks, I don't think I have had one in over a year.

they will race against Kenyans they will beat the Kenyans and people will think they are Kenyans and they will get deported back to Kenya! I have tried all of the drinks in the pic also i have tried the energy drink called "Cocaine" now that stuff was strong but tasted like cough syrup.

Cocaine was a truly awesome drink despite the taste it got you TWEAKED and lasted for longer than most.

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