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But the coolest part is that it can dock with its shuttle, The Phantom.

Sure, that’s sold separately, but it’s nice that the two go together.

Keep in mind that Tropes Are Tools and that the ideas and concepts implemented into the final product are sometimes better than What Could Have Been.

See also The Other Marty, Vaporware, Development Hell, Dummied Out and Mid-Development Genre Shift.

Although it’s only 413 pieces, this model actually feels imposing without outshining Vader’s Advanced TIE.

It’s also the only TIE fighter model that comes with the evil droid R5-J2, so that’s a nice bonus as well.

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animated series, you won’t find them here because I have no connection to those sets.

This can also refer to a Sequel Hook that never got a payoff, alternate casts or directors, or even tantalizing news that the entire story was A good place to find What Could Have Been is in DVD Commentary and out-of-continuity pilots used to pitch a show.Released: 2015 Pieces: 724 Minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Palpatine, Royal Guard (x2) I’m always a bit weary of scenes as opposed to ships and buildings because scenes take up a lot of space (I’m still ambivalent about getting the Guardians of the Galaxy “Knowhere Escape mission” just so I could have Groot), but this one is too great to pass up.Return of the Jedi is a mixed bag once they get off Tatooine, but everything between Luke, Vader, and the Emperor is gold, and this set does a good job of capturing the Throne Room.The original model was grey (you know, because if I want to blend in on a planet covered in snow, I’d go with grey over white), while this one is white, has a bit more detail in the bends, it’s bigger so it has more heft, and it can also fire a harpoon, which is the key thing a snowspeeder needs to do since that’s what brings down AT-ATs.Released: 2003 Pieces: 1,064 Minifigures: Luke Skywalker (Rebel Pilot), Snowtrooper (x2), AT-AT Pilot While I thought about including the AT-ST on this list, it pales in comparison to its big, snow-bound brother, the AT-AT.

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