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The advantage of a multitool is saving weight and space over a set of individual tools to perform the same functions.

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Other versions may include items like a nail file, tweezers, folding scissors, a tooth pick, a magnifying glass, screwdriver bits and others.

There are also versions that have special tools for specific sports or outdoor activities like golf, horseback riding, hunting or fishing.

No order is too large or too small whether hand embroidered family crests (coat of arms) to machine embroidered military badges for individuals, Police forces, Legions, Fire services (Fighters), colleges, corporations, associations, universities, schools, golf and country clubs.

We contract our own swords, complete with Canadian devices/etchings to the blade, and would be pleased to quote on any commemorative swords you have in mind.

The actual version supplied to the Swiss army includes a knife blade, a reamer, a bottle-opener–screwdriver–wire stripper, and a can-opener–screwdriver.

Besides Victorinox and Wenger, many other manufacturers now make similar knives.

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Substituting a toolbox, these multi-tools functions include a hammer, tape measure and an assortment of screwdriver bits.

Why buy an off the shelf ring that everyone else has, when you can have your own design created for roughly the same price? We also supply exclusive rings for all Canadian regiments and branches of service as well as members of the British Royal Marines Commando, the British Parachute regiment, Dutch Commando's and US Special Forces. Sheba Imports is your complete solution for custom designed school ties, university, college, club, corporate, association, regimental ties, blazer badges/patches and brass buttons.

Whether you are replacing, or up-dating an existing design, we can reproduce that for you, or create something new.

Sheba Imports has been supplying kit shops and individuals with blazer badges, crests, patches and other fine hand embroidered regalia items on the internet (online) since 1998, and we are one of Canada's leading suppliers.

Our Machine and hand embroidered blazer badges and patches (bullion wire) are of the highest quality and detail, one reason is that we have used the same embroiderer since 1998 and our in house graphics dept creates accurate artwork for all of our badges, rings etc.

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