Dating site prank

Footage shows two males pretending to hold a rope across the road as a car approaches.

But the joke takes a dangerous turn when the careful motorist brakes suddenly, leaving little time for the vehicle behind to stop safely.

"I felt really bad about this as soon as I did it," Eliza said, "because I thought it might cause him to feel anxious.

"He thought it was for me to wear to my sister's wedding or my college reunion," she said. Eliza, 28, has been dating Sam, 30, for four years.

Courtney, 24, has been dating Brian, 25, for a year and a half. This feeling only intensified when he sent me a one-word response, which I took as a sure sign that he was pissed.

This is the shocking moment a man fainted after seeing his friend killed by a chainsaw, only to discover he had been the victim of a cruel prank.

Tom Daniel Hansen Sylte, from Trondheim, Norway, was working in a garage with his friend when he set up the practical joke.

Apparently, Jesse had no idea it was a wedding dress until Ali told him.

He also said he wasn't freaked out because he immediately suspected that ' shenanigans' were afoot. "He brought it up when I saw him later that night," Emily said. Julia, 25, has been dating Brian, 27, for 1.5 years. Dominique, 21, has been dating Clayton, 23, for a year. Now I'm going to look like an idiot for the whole world to see."Actually, Clayton, you look like one of the sweetest guys ever.

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