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The tree, which has stood in the spot for decades, was not felled to make way for the store; rather, the store was constructed in such a way that it incorporated the tree into its structure.Embedded in the store’s outer wall for over three decades now, the tree helps create an unusual façade for Anokhi, a furnishings store that is just as unique inside as it is on the outside.The cushion covers cost Rs 250 onwards while bedcovers range from Rs 2,500 to Rs 3,500. And all for merchandise that’s truly one of a kind. What changes do you foresee for Tinder in the Indian market? Author Preeya Malik is an investment professional by day, blogger by night and ultra feminine feminist all day every day.She loves math, bourbon and all things beauty – inner and outer.Here too, customers can choose the colour of choice.

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You can opt for pretty florals for a cheery and casual look; traditional Indian motifs for an ethnic feel; gold and black combinations for regal drama or cream and gold for understated elegance.

Increased Privacy In most of India, casual dating is still considered a taboo.

Perhaps increasing user privacy settings so that users can control who sees their profile can alleviate some concerns.

The most recent update is displaying job and education details, a change that was most requested among Indian users.

Here's a stab at some of the changes we can expect to see.

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